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    Four Journeys in the history of Lighting

    2019-03-22 16:45:59 ZBL Read


    Four journeys in the history of Lighting




    The first time: the beginning of the light civilization, the monks under the tree based on the eucalyptus on the eucalyptus tree to create a fire phenomenon, think of the wood to get fire. Since then, human beings have seen the first generation of light sources: candlelights and oil lamps.



    The second time: Time passed tens of thousands of years. On October 21, 1879, Edison invented the first plow-type lamp in human history. Since then, the oil lamp and candlelight have finally entered the era of electric light source illumination. blob.png




    The third time: the era of fluorescent tubes, in 1938, the Dutch company Philips developed the first fluorescent lamp, opening up a new era of human energy-saving lamps.




    第四次:1960年日本及欧美科学家第一次通过对二极管的P.N极通电可发光原理,人类照明史第一次接触到:LED (发光二极管)。这时的“LED主要以单色光和16级双色图文屏加以运用,到了1998年人类研发出了64级彩色光和256级灰度双基色视频显示屏,1999年红、绿、蓝三原色研发成功,全彩时代开始。2009年,深圳市正邦光电科技有限公司成立,专业研发LED照明产品,比如软灯条、硬灯条等LED照明产品。

    The fourth time: In 1960, scientists in Japan and Europe and the United States passed the principle of illuminating the P.N pole of the diode for the first time. The history of human lighting was first contacted with: "LED" (light-emitting diode). At this time, the "LED" was mainly used in monochromatic light and 16-level two-color graphic screen. In 1998, humans developed 64-level color light and 256-level gray double-color video display. In 1999, red, green and blue. The development of the three primary colors was successful, and the era of full color began. In 2009, ZBL(SZ)Technology Co., Ltd. was established to professionally develop LED products, such as Flexible Strips, Rigid bar and other LED lighting products.




        Looking back at the changes in lights, lighting has experienced a development from fire to oil to electricity. Lighting tools have undergone countless changes, from torches, candles, kerosene lamps to incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, to the current array of lighting, energy-saving lamps, decorative lights, landscape lights, heating lights, navigation lights, lights, signal lights, Nightlights, disinfection lamps, and planting lamps can be said that the history of a lighting is a testimony to the history of human civilization.



        Modern lighting not only develops energy-saving and environmental protection, but also moves toward intelligent control. ZBL is based on the characteristics of LED lighting for easy digital control. Its intelligent light can not only automatically detect the environment automatic switch, but also dynamically allocate it. The light source allows the light to be radiated where it is needed. ZBL intelligent control lamps are the needs of the development of modern society. It greatly saves energy and facilitates people's lives. Intelligent lighting is the main trend in the design and development of lighting products today.



       Let new innovations just start from ZBL.


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