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    What's the advantages of SMD2835 flex led strip light

    2018-05-28 15:48:44 ZBL Read

    What's the advantages of SMD2835 flex led strip light

    With the rapid development of led strip industry, more and more low voltage led strip user begin to choose SMD2835 strips. However, why the SMD2835 led strips so hot? What's the advantages? Now, let's talk about it with zbllight. 


    I. Excellent heat exchange & quality stability

    For the SMD2835 led chip uses the heat dissipation method of thermoelectric separation to conduct the heat of the chip directly transmitted to the aluminum substrate by punching holes on the lamp holder. Thus, greatly improve the stability of the SMD2835 leds, extending and ensuring the service life of the SMD2835 led flex strips.

    II. High brightness & high luminous

    Another advantage of SMD 2835 is high brightness and luminous.The lumens of a normal 0.2W 2835led is about 22-28lm, while a 0.5W can reach to above 40LM. We all know that there's more demandment for SMD5050 led flex strips, but these years most of the clients from zbllight changed to SMD2835. For the project, zbllight always prefer to suggest the customer using SMD2835 strips for its high quality, brightness and lifetime all can be guaranteed. Gerneraly, the high quality 2835 led strips can reach a warranty of 3-5years.

    III. Cost effectivness

    We know that in today's low-voltage led strip light market, the cost performance of the lamp has always been the constant pursuit of many users, and no one would like to buy some LED lamps with a large number of dead lights for a few hours.For the 2835 lamp, it can meet the needs of many lighting engineering and some large lighting manufacturers. On the one hand, the price of 2835 lights is much more favorable than that of 5050 & 5730. In the same condition, the service life of 2835 low voltage strips are longer than that of other models which at the same price level.

    Above are the advantages that zbllight want to share with you, if you have any other suggestion pls contact us freely. We're looking forward to cooperating with you.

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