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    The lighting design and technology community heads to Chicago for the annual LightFair International conference and exhibition. Following is a selection of LightFair exhibitor announcements published through our online LED & Lighting Industry Guide.


    This week, the lighting design and technology community descends upon McCormick Place in Chicago, IL for the annual LightFair International (LFI) conference and exhibition. The 2017 event wrap-up disclosed that 592 exhibitors descended upon the city of Philadelphia, and 27,939 attendees walked the floors to view new launches and familiarize themselves with a slate of newer application-specific and the new round of connected smart lighting technologies that was beginning to emerge at major lighting conferences. And we’ve noted again and again that those themes continue to pervade both exhibitor booths and conference educational highlights. Pre-conference LightFair Institute programming has been in session since yesterday, but what we’re focused on here is a sampling of the exhibitors that you can meet and greet this week, learning about the newest leading-edge enabling technologies and solid-state lighting (SSL) end products that are available.

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